Guide to Renting

Renting Guide


Renting a property is very common in Australia, there is a wide range of reason why people rent a property. Renting is more flexible for short term arrangement, they might be teenagers who become independent, can be people who want to closer to work, or young family who want to save for purchase.



Before your renting, it is a good idea to consider about your needs and financial situation. While you are hunting for your new home, you should gather your support documents. Once you find the right property, you can submit the application immediately.

Following are some hints for application:

  • Each individual tenant who lives in the same property needs to complete both side of the application form.
  • Provide 100 points of identification, e.g. driver license, passport, birth certificate or 18+ photo card, banks statement etc. The requirement is listed on the form.
  • Proof of income such as recent two payslips or employment contract, if currently unemployed, you will be ask to provide any parental support or bank statement showing sufficient saving or large lump sum deposit.



When you are ready to go, check for the open inspection time or you can contact the agent to arrange a private inspection. We may not be able to arrange sometime as current tenants may not be available.

During the inspection, you should check with the agent about the inclusion such as parking, storage, facilities etc.


Ready to rent

If you want to rent it after the inspection, you need to submit the application and support documents via online apply, email or drop it to our office. The more documents you provided, the more likely your application to be processed successfully.

Our professional property management team will access the documents and finding the best potential tenant for our clients. Number of checks is necessary to carry out to ensure that you are suitable for the property, as follow:

  • Reference from your previous property manager, normally a good tenant ledger would be a great opportunity for success.
  • Contact with your employer to ensure the employment is current and income is correct, as well as personal and professional referees.

Once the reference check is completed, we will provide all potential tenants’ information to the owner, and the owner has the right to choose the most suitable one.

We will notify whether the applicant has been approved or not, for approved tenant, you will need to pay one week rent to secure the property.


What next

We will prepare the Residential Tenancy Agreement and arrange for signing at our office, our property manager will go through the agreement with you and ensure you understand the legal rights and obligations. The agreement has no cooling off period once you signed, therefore it is important that you understand the legislation and willing to sign.



By the time you sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement, you are require to pay another one week rent, total of two weeks rent in advance. Bond is equivalent to four weeks rent, an online bond payment link will be creating at the time you sign the agreement. Many people think the bond is held at agency but actually Bond is require to lodge to NSW Fair Trading by law.


Rent payment

Paying your rent on time always come first, your tenancy agreement could have terminated if you are 14 days or more in behind. We recommend to set up an auto payment to minimize the chance of arrears. Some tenants withheld the rent to force the owner to repair which is not a wise action. Stop paying rent can only leading you to breach the agreement.


Utilities connection

Don’t forget to connect Electricity, Gas, phone service and internet before you move in. Electricity and gas connection normally takes two business days, you will need to check with the agent or building manager if there is any embedded service provider.


Moving in

You will get the keys on the commencement date and a property ingoing condition report, you need to check the property conditions carefully, put a note into the report of which is not included by the agent, take photos and return to us within 7 days.

Most of the apartments required a move in booking; it should be booked at least 48 hours prior to the move.



Any pets should be included in the application and seek for approval from the owner and Strata manger, if it is a Strata title property. Pets must be Microchipped and well trained.


Getting repair done

During the tenancy, a couple of repair could be raise by the tenant; however tenant may not know the correct procedure. All request should be given by written notice, in this case, an email could be most effective. A brief description of the issue and attach any photos or video. Once we receive the email, we will seek approval from the landlord and arrange for repair. In some case, the cost may apply to the tenant.



Ensure you lock all windows, sliding door and main entrance to secure your belongings. The landlord has no responsibility to compensate the loss of break in. You can consider to purchase a content insurance to protect yourself.


This is a useful guide on how to rent a property, there are a lot of other legislation that need to be comply. For more information, you may refer to Residential Tenancy Act 2010 or feel free to contact us.